On 19 October 2015, Treasury Group Ltd's name was changed to Pacific Current Group Limited. All references to "Treasury Group Ltd" or "Treasury Group" on this website will therefore refer to "Pacific Current Group Limited" or "Pacific Current Group". The Company's ASX details will be updated on Friday, 23 October 2015, including a change of ASX ticker to "PAC".


Treasury Group is a specialist investment and financial services business focused on boutique funds management companies. We invest capital and provide a range of services to support the growth and development of the boutiques with which we partner.

Our philosophy is one of partnering with talented investment professionals to deliver the highest standard of investment outcomes for investors.

We offer a range of services and are flexible with the structure of our investments in order to tailor our offering to the needs of boutiques at different stages of development.

On 25 November 2014, Treasury Group merged with Northern Lights Capital Group to create an international multi-boutique funds management group dedicated to providing exceptional value to shareholders, investors and partners.



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Treasury Group Ltd
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